22 Mart 2011 Salı

Almost 30

I am almost thirty but still don't know what I want to be when I'll grow up. I don't tell this to anyone, well almost anyone, only my boyfriend and best friend and maybe a couple of friends as well. Maybe they can find a good idea for me, maybe, who knows?
When I was a kid, I always believed that one day I would wake up and find my special talent. I tried photography, I tried writing, I tried cooking and baking, I tried painting, I even tried traveling if this counts as a talent. Then, I got bored of each of them successively. I should have been a creative soul because I am a Pisces, I thought. But I failed. Helas!
I was always good with maths but this always and always seemed to me boring. No colors, just numbers. Who can like this? That's why, I have chosen to study Cultural Studies at the college. People, thoughts, stories, lots of stories and a little bit everything. I loved it but then I get bored at the end of 4 years and did not do anything about it, even one thing after the college. Now, I am in machinery business. Can you imagine? Machinery world which is equal to grey world. All grey, only grey.
I don't feel desperate, don't misunderstand me. I am still waiting for that particular talent. Am I late for that? I hope not.
Briefly, I should perhaps write the things that I love in order to start: the colors, movies, baking, pilates (even though I have not gone to any class for 6 months, but this is a fault of my teacher, the classes are all same every day...) , little art prints made by not so famous artists, London, design (this has already started to be boring, I accept), foodgawker.com, Design*Sponge, Elif Safak (a beautiful, beauuutifuuulll Turkish writer), meeting really interesting people (like someone who is crazy of doing something except sports, sports is not exciting at all), yogurt and bread (particularly simit- find what this is by yourself...), orangette.blogspot.com, apple cake, all kind of salads (am I the only one who loves salad? you must be kidding anyway!) , cappuccino once in a while, magazines, reading magazines while drinking a cappuccino in a stylish but silent cafe, cookbooks, sunday newspapers (I read 3 of them each Sunday, of course no politics. ).....This is it for now, I feel a little bit sleepy. I am going to my lovely bed. I forgot to say 'sleeping'. I love sleeping. One of the best things that I do everyday :)

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